Connect, Unify, and Monetize Personal Data on the Blockchain

VAEON is a decentralized protocol that enables individuals to fully control their personal data and its value while giving businesses the opportunity to build new business models in an intermediary-free ecosystem.

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Tech Giants Monetize Personal Data

Personal Data Today

Nowadays, the value arising from personal data is captured solely by the web-era juggernauts (Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc.), while the originator of the data is left empty-handed. This system is poised for disruption.

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User Owns and Monetizes his Data

Blockchain, an innovative technology, will be the foundation for this new standard. We believe in a future where the user completely owns his data. Moreover, he is able to monetize his data and to decide the extent of what is shared or sold.

Similarly, we aim to empower companies by providing them with a protocol that establishes the rules for communication with and use of the user’s personal data. By doing so, new applications can be built that leverage personal data while removing the trust factor from the equation.

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Who Will Benefit From VAEON?

Illustrations users


Monetize data

Unified data across all platforms

Full data control & security

Peace of mind

Illustrations apps


Monetize their user database

Access user data from other sectors (i.e. professional, social and more)

Launch new products/services to an existing user base

Illustrations business


Access to full-scale personal data set

Access to constantly updated personal data

Buy data from their app of choice

High response rate with high ROI

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A Truly Decentralized Protocol


Power in the Hands of Users

There is no trusted central authority within the VAEON ecosystem. The protocol administrator is a voted entity who evolves, maintains and adapts the protocol in the future. Holding VAEO tokens grants the user the possibility to participate in the protocol’s governance. The voting power is calculated by a time-based staking function that converges against a fixed value.

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Built on Top of EOS

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Scalable transaction volume

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No transaction fees for the user

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Ability to create dApps with familiar UX/UI

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No need for complex private key management

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Powered by the EOS blockchain

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Account recovery option for users

The Token Model

Token model
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Token Details

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What is VAEO?

VAEO is the native protocol token. It plays a crucial role by aligning all shareholders’ interests. VAEO empowers the user by giving full control over the value and shareability of his data.

Token Utility

The VAEO token serves three main functions: Medium of exchange, governance, and fraud prevention.

Token Sale Information

Total supply
$0.075 USD
Price per VAEO
Pre-Sale Bonus
$5 million
$30 million
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Token Allocation

Token allocation

Token Allocation

Use of process

Use of Proceeds

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Management Team


Andreas Mikolajewski


Blockchain pioneer

10 years of experience in the software industry

Former member of the IOTA Foundation

Technical Advisor for ICONIQLAB


Volker Rofalski


Finance Expert

Board Member Mutares AG,  Intercard AG, Demekon AG

Founder Trade Cross AG

Former Director VEM Aktienbank AG


Pedro Lopez


ICO expert


Engineer & MBA with a focus on Finance

Worked at Deutsche Bank in the Disruptive Technologies and Client Innovation Team

Operations Manager at Tracktics

Blockchain enthusiast


Florian Gauger


Software Engineer at Google

6 years experience at SAP & Tacton


Master in Computer Science


Marko Albrecht


Entrepreneur and investor

>15 years leadership experience

IPO and VC experience

Strategy and Innovation Management Advisor

IT expert

Business and leadership coach


Hakan Yavuz

International Law and Tax Coordinator

Master of Science in Economics

Master of Business Law

Special expertise in the field of
International Economics &
European Union Law


Jessica Hutchinson

Content Marketing Specialist

Speaks English, French, German and Swedish

Certificate in Intercultural Communication

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Advisory Board

Christoph Zoeller

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Instaffo GmbH

Oversees operations and finance at Instaffo

Worked as Private Investment Manager for 9-digit client portfolios

Patrick Lowry

CEO & MP IconiqLab Venture Capitalist

Investor and PwC auditor


Daniel Schaefer

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Instaffo GmbH

Oversees strategy and product development at Instaffo

Former Head of Strategy and New Business Development at Reutax AG

Max Lautenschlaeger

Sourcing Director and Managing Partner at Iconic Lab

Venture developer and deal flow specialist


Dr. Felix Hoetzinger

Advisor GAMB ICO (Hardcap 15M)

CEO Demekon Group

Background in investment analysis and financial management

Victor Ronco

Expertise in innovation, marketing, and digital transformation

> 10 years of work experience with world-leading companies such as Banco Santander, Red Bull, Danone, and Volkswagen

Advised numerous projects such as Kryptobits, AIUR or CryptoSolarTech, a Spanish promoted ICO that collected over $69M

road map
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Preliminary Roadmap

Q1 2018

• Initial idea and first concept

Q2 2018

• Finalized concept
• Token model
• Started VAEON prototype development
• Secured initial angel investor funding round
• Secured full commitment by Instaffo

Q3 2018

• Secured VC funding round
• Finalized team and advisory board
• Company incorporation
• Website launch
• Release of white paper v1.0

Q4 2018

• Release of white paper final version
• Complete ICO and distribute VAEO tokens
• Expand team for post-ICO development
• Secure commitments from more partners

Q1 2019

• Release of VAEON MVP
• VAEON Protocol development

Q2 2019

• Present development plan for “Digital Hardware Identity”
• Business and software development

Q3 2019

• Secure additional dApps to join VAEON Protocol
• Release of VAEON alpha

Q4 2019

• Release of the first dApp by Instaffo to bring 30M user profiles to the VAEON ecosystem
• Help partners with the development of their dApps to accelerate the ecosystem

Q1 2020

• Final test phase of the VAEON Protocol
• Partners release more dApps which collaborate with Instaffo’s user profiles.

Q2 2020

• Release fully functional VAEON Protocol
• Grow user base to 250M unique profiles

Q3 2020

• Refine incentives, governance and protocol maintenance. Establish Protocol Administrator’s workflow
• Expand and further develop current data model.

Q4 2020

• Finalize “Digital Hardware Identity” software and hardware wallet integration
• Grow user base to 500M unique profiles